She wanted backyard privacy, but instead of a fence, this is brilliant

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Do you wish your backyard was a little more shaded and secluded? Simply follow these steps, and you can be chilling out in a private outdoor oasis right on your property in less than a weekend.
By Ama Ryllis
Are your neighbors so close that it feels like you practically share a backyard? There’s no need to fence off your property! In fact, we may have an even easier solution that defines your outdoor space, establishes privacy, and even creates some extra shade in an otherwise sunny garden. Simply follow our step-by-step and you can build yourself a suitable privacy screen and canopy—all out of less than a dozen wooden planks.
– 8-foot-long 2×4 lumber (6)
– 8-foot-long 2×2 lumber (5)
– Measuring tape
– Pencil
– 2-inch metal brackets (16)
– 3-1⁄2-inch screws (44)

– 1-1⁄2-inch screws (98)
– 12-inch ornamental brackets (8)
– Cordless drill/driver
– Wood tie plates (8)
– Palm sander
– Brush
– Exterior wood stain
– Varnish (optional)
– Outdoor fabric (2-1⁄2 yards by 8 yards)
– Ribbon (2 yards)
– Sewing machine (optional)

diy lite the easy way to build better backyard privacy
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