He Used a Lighter To Open a Lock… Check Out These Other Amazing Hacks

Broom For Light Snow

Now that you know how to properly use your shovel, here’s another one. Sweep light snow away with a broom rather than a shovel. Why? It will be less the effort and the broom will also ensure you get all the light snow.

Make Your Own Hand Warmers In 5 Minutes

Learn how to make hand warmers in just 5 minutes, but will keep your fingers toasty for up to an hour with this easy tutorial.

Rubbing Alcohol And Dishwashing Liquid Are Great Salt Alternatives

If your salts are not enough to defrost your walkway, combine 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, dishwashing liquid, and 1/2 gallon of hot water, then swarm it into your walkways to dissolve the ice.

Use A Lighter And Your Key To Thaw A Frozen Kock

Locks can freeze during winter too. Ensure you won’t get locked out by doing this little trick with your lock and key. Though, remind yourself to keep a lighter in your bag or anywhere accessible everytime you get out.

Use Orange Skin As Fire Starters

Orange peels are great fire starters because its skin contains some oil. To use, dry its skins on a pan and put them in a container or paper bag, and include a pack of silica to hold its freshness.