Unique Newspaper Crafts for the Eco-Conscious

If you are a regular reader of daily or weekly newspapers, you know how old issues can pile up at home before you can realize what is happening! One way to take care of it is by recycling, but if you are feeling up for some crafting, upcycling may just be your thing! Check out these unique newspaper crafts and put that big pile of old issues to a good use!

Newspaper Flower

Paper flowers are becoming increasingly more popular, but you can give the trend a green spin and make your flowers out of an old newspaper! Use the flowers as home decor or an addition to a gift basket! Check out the whole process at Red Ted Art!

Newspaper Fruit Basket

One day it’s a political newspaper, the next day it’s a fruit basket! Don’t believe us? Mitanjalimade a great video tutorial for you to see just how useful a newspaper can become once you’ve finished reading it! If you have plenty of newspapers to upcycle, make a whole collection of fruit baskets and paint them each a different color for variety!

Newspaper Gift Bag

Let’s face it, gift bags are generally overpriced and somehow we’re always in need of them. Somebody is always celebrating a birthday or an anniversary or a baby shower.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just make your own gift bag? Turns out, all you need is a newspaper, some glue and the insider info by How About Orange!

Newspaper Kite

When was the last time you took your kids to a nearby hill to fly a kite? Next to family crafting time, this is one of the most magical childhood experiences! Combine these activities and make a newspaper kite that your kids will happily get to fly while knowing they’ve done something good for the environment! See the how-to at Living Well!

Newspaper Frames


You can never have too many photo frames, because you can never have too many heartfelt memories on display! If you’re over buying frames, because you know you’re capable of making them yourself, Red Ted Art will show you how to make a photo frame using an old newspaper!

Newspaper Fort

Upcycling doesn’t just mean creating small and cutesy things for your home or kids – sometimes it means a pretty big project that will make you the coolest parent in the world! A newspaper fort is one of the most unique ways you can go about upcycling a newspaper, so snatch the tutorial from Modern Parents Messy Kids and get to work!

Newspaper Planters


You can use a variety of materials to make planters and it’s best to use what you already have at hand, instead of having to buy all the supplies! If you have a pile of old newspapers ready to be thrown away, perhaps Mama’s Nook can convince you those newspapers can still serve you well!

Newspaper Basket

Let’s look at another incredible take on a newspaper basket! This one comes from Craftionaryand mimics a classic woven basket. You can paint it to your favorite color or just leave it bare as it is, for a stylish and dynamic addition to your home.

Newspaper Party Poms


Need to organize a party and have a tight budget? Don’t worry about the decorations – we’ve got you covered! Dig into your stack of old newspapers and follow DIY Candy‘s instructions to the perfect newspaper party poms that might just become a people’s favorite!

Newspaper Bowl

This newspaper bowl is a seriously magnificent contemporary piece that will add incredible value to your home interior. You can use it as a storage element or simply leave it empty as a decor piece – both options will work marvelously! Send your thanks to Purple Hues & Me!

Newspaper Starburst Clock

Starburst clocks are becoming somewhat of a status symbol and if you can’t bear not to have it, Happiness Is has the perfect tutorial for a clock that does’t just embody the latest trends but also a green philosophy! Who knew old newspapers can look so modern?!

Newspaper Envelopes

Snail mail is overshadowed by email and other modern means of communication, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely dead! A lot of people still love sending and receiving physical mail, so don’t shy away from sending some snail mail in handmade newspaper envelopes! Get the details at Kanelstrand!