Turn A Bookshelf Into A Bar Cart

STEP 8: Attach your castor wheels
To attach the wheels place two on either end of the cart and mark off where they will be placed ensuring they are lined up evenly. Drill pilot holes through each of the screw slots in the wheels. Secure the wheels in place by inserting bolts into each slot and screwing them tightly in place.

STEP 9: Add more pipe railing
Now is time to add more pipe railing. First mark where each hole will be drilled so as to keep them aligned.

You will need to drill more holes with your spade bit for the pipe to be fed through. These pipes will be added to the bottom shelf in both the front and the back.

STEP 10: Make shelf pockets
To create shelf pockets on either side of your cart you will need to encase the copper pipes with pieces of wood. Grab your 5″ pieces of wood and attach it to the bottom piece with wood glue and screws. Be sure to put pilot holes first so the screws don’t split the wood. These will serve as a guide for how long your copper pipe rails should be. It should rest between both sides.
*Use a sealer to seal your wood so that it doesn’t get damaged from any spills… I haven’t purchased one yet, but will be adding this as soon as possible!

Here is a shot of the before and after! What a transformation! And don’t worry my books occupy another space in the house now…
I can’t wait to host a little get together with this swanky number!