Turn A Bookshelf Into A Bar Cart

My husband has wanted a bar cart for quite some time, so I decided to repurpose some on hand furniture for the job. A book shelf is a pretty common household item and has perfect shelf space for holding bar cart items! With an old bookshelf, some copper pipes, a set of wheels, and some lumber you will be set with a bar cart for any swanky house party. This piece can also be customized in size and color to fit the space you have!
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-Book Shelf (not shown above)
-Circle Saw (not shown above)
-(1) 1/2″ x 10′ Copper Pipe
-Wood Glue
-Spray Paint (optional)
-Pipe Cutter
-(6) 1/2″ Copper Caps
-(2) 1/2″ Copper Plated Steel Split-Ring Hangers
-(1-2) 1″x12″x10′ Wood Board (If you have a longer bookshelf than I do you will need more wood)
Cuts / These will be according to your shelf, mine were as follows:
-2 36″
-2 3″
-2 5″
-(2) Decorative Metal Sheets
-Tacking Nails
-(4) 3″ Casters (Wheels)
-(16) 1″ bolts (not shown above)
-(2) 5/8″ x 1″ bolts
-(8) 1″ Wood Screws
-5/8″ Spade Bit

STEP 1: Spray paint your metallic sheets (optional)
Spray your metallic decorative sheets with your choice of spray paint (I used copper since it will match the pipes we will be using later in the project). I bought these in silver, but you can buy them in copper too, here on Amazon.
If you want your wheels to match, you can spray them as well at this time.

STEP 2: Attach your sheets to the back of the shelf
Use tack nails to attach your metallic sheets to the back of the shelf allowing it to serve as a decorative backing.

STEP 3: Add a lip to the bottom shelf (optional)
Use wood glue to attach small pieces of wood to the front section of the lower shelves to create a lip for smaller items to be stored.

STEP 4: Attach wood to the top
Grab one of your large wood slabs and attach it to the top of your book shelf. Use wood glue to help it adhere and then screw it into place in each of the 4 corners. *Be sure to use screws that are short enough that they won’t go the whole way through both layers, but long enough to connect each.


STEP 5: Attach your copper pipe
Use a 5/8″ spade bit to drill holes through each of the walls of the shelving unit making sure they are aligned with each other. Cut a piece of pipe that is 1″ longer than the width of the bookshelf. Feed your copper pipe through the holes you just drilled allowing a 1/2″ to rest on the outside on either side.
Cover the ends of the pipe with a cap on either end so that no rough edges are showing.