How to Transfer VHS Tapes to Your Computer

How to digitally record old analog VHS home movies onto your computer using one simple cable and some free time? My husband has a ton of VHS tapes like treasure lying in the drawer but gathering dust. With all the devices go digital, he might have lost all his videos to obsolescence if I didn’t get them into digital format. We are so excited to find the video below which shows us how to transfer our VHS videos to computer. From there you can store them on a thumb drive  the cloud for safekeeping for future generations.

The video highlights one product that is about $75 on Amazon but there are other converters you can find at Amazon for around $20. Also Amanda in the comments mentioned that Walgreens will transfer VHS to digital for $25 per tape as an alternative. You can try to ask Costco or other store if they off this service. Wish you can make it and enjoy hours of old memories with the whole family.