10 survival tips for living alone

10 Survival Tips For Living Alone

Living solo can make a few nagging home and kitchen issues even more frustrating than when you have someone around to help. Here’s how to make some of that stuff easier (though overall these are small prices to pay for never having to wear pants around the house). 1. Open a stubborn jar using rubber […]

7 Useful Gift Wrap DIY ideas

 Did you pass the struggle of choosing the gift but now you struggle to make the wrapping? Here are the ideas you should check to help you out. 1. Hand-print fabric for gift wrap that can be used over and over again unruly-things.com Find out how here. 2. Or use fabric as ribbon danamadeit.com What […]

DIY terrarium ideas for you home

Before starting these DIY projects you should know some information about how to prepare the terrarium  for those plants. For that, here are the Basics: analogme.typepad.com Step 1. Choose an open or closed glass container of some sort. Step 2. Cover the bottom with an inch-thick layer of pebbles or rocks to create a false […]

Adorable DIY ornaments

1. Fill a clear ornament with sprinkles. littlegrayfox.blogspot.com Do not let your child attempt to eat it. Directions here 2. These cinnamon-applesauce heart ornaments aren’t edible, but they smell fantastic. katyelliott.com Directions here. 3. Make an ornament from old CDs. cremedelacraft.com As long as it’s not “Blue” by Eiffel 65 or you are a Christmas […]

DIY Hammock-Type Baby Swing

Here’s a nice homemade swing that will offer entertainment with little money involved will surely be of good news and well received by parents everywhere. Actually, building a fun baby hammock swing will prove so easy that by the end you will wonder why haven’t you done this already. With something as simple as a […]

Unique Woven Bead Necklace

Here is a easy tutorials to make this beautiful woven bead necklace for summer . One of the best parts of this project is the fact that the colors are customizable, just buy whatever beads go with your style,clothes and mood. What you will need: – seed beads (this project has two colors, but you […]

15 DIYs That Will Organize Your Life

You’ve made this resolution time and time again: this is the year you get organized for good! BUT! How? There are lives to change, Netflix to watch, wine to drink, things to DIY… you get the point. You’re busy. So, why not make your DIY time twice as productive? These DIYs will help you get […]

Rustic Wine Crate with Rope Handles

Have you ever stumbled across a wine crate and wondered what you could do with it? I have just the idea for you and it will take less than an hour to create. Today I’ll show you how to make a Rustic Wine Crate with Rope Handles. Materials: Wine crate or wooden box Dark brown […]