20 Hacks That Will Completely Transform the Way You Look at Hangers!

Pop quiz time: What common bendy household object can be transformed into 20 different items? If you said “hanger,” then congratulations, you got it! These pliable garment keepers aren’t just for your clothes; they can also be repurposed to work as useful items in your kitchen, bathroom, and even your garden! Thaitrick’s video shows us […]

Rather than throw away old glass bottles, here are 11 ways to reuse them around the house

Growing up, we were all taught to recycle things like paper, plastic, cardboard, and glass bottles. While this is still important to do as it helps conserve precious resources and protects our environment, there are some better ways to utilize these materials. Here is another post that shows how you can upcycle glass bottles to […]

5 Free Bunny Blanket Crochet Patterns

These bunny blankets are so cute to set the tone for spring celebration and Easter season. The friendly bunnies in the design charm adults and kids alike. Every one of them is so beautiful with combination of bright colors. You can pick any one or multiple to make your own blankets with these Crochet Bunny Blanket Free Patterns. For […]