Simple DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

Giving your wedding guests a small favour as a “thank you” for sharing your special day has become a tradition, and frankly, it might be our very favourite wedding tradition of all! We love the idea of creating little DIY gifties that your guests wouldn’t think to make themselves or receive anywhere else, especially if […]

“My husband and I came up with a brilliant idea using concrete blocks.” See the stunning result in her front yard!

There’s nothing more calming than the tranquil sound of water trickling from a water feature and I can’t think of a better way to great guests to the house than having one right by the front door!Now that Spring is here, it’s a great time to start thinking about adding some curb appeal by installing […]

How To Make French Toast Roll-Ups

Making roll-ups is a bit complicated if you don’t have any experience. Here I am excited to find a shortcut and share with you. With this recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything, you can make roll-ups with French toasts. What a wonderful idea and such a yummy recipe. Check out how to make French […]

How To Make A Bow

Hair, gift wrapping, decoration, … we use bows in many situations. Knowing how to make a bow could save you a lot of time or make you look creative. It is actually very easy to make  a bow. All you need are a section of ribbon or something similar, a pair of scissors, and of […]

12 Facts About Food That Will Seriously Impress You

Things we encounter every day can often hide many mysteries that few people know about. Here are just a few fascinating, surprising, and downright strange things we at Bright Side found out about food. Chili peppers © ameilia / The color of a chili pepper actually reveals nothing about its taste. You should actually pay attention to its size — the smaller […]


So, you know you’re a food blogger when you snatch up seasonal cake mixes, special edition frosting flavors, cupcake papers and sprinkles like you have stumbled across a shelf full of $100 bills.  It was a BIG day for me when I only picked up one key lime cookie mix and tub of frosting when […]