17 Aluminum Foil Hacks

Keeping things clean and making simple fixes are things everyone strives to be able to do. When you can find an easy way to do things, you save time and you can also save some money. I found an excellent article over at diply.com that shows many different ways to use aluminum foil in your […]

She pokes string lights through styrofoam. When she flips it? CUTE (VALENTINE’S Special)

This project is easy and inexpensive. Great for Valentine’s day, gift, or night light. Make it with your friends for Galentine’s Day!     You will need: Styrofoam circle (mine were a set of 2 from Dollar Tree) A strand of lights (mine were from Dollar Tree) School Glue or Hot Glue Tissue Paper Squares […]

27 Everyday Things We Were Doing Wrong

“You’re doing it wrong.” Really, that might actually be true. Especially in the case of peeling bananas and eating Tic-Tacs. Learn how to poop better and slice several cherry tomatoes in one swoop. Find out how to make an awesome BLT, clean a blender, and paint your nails without making a mess. Rishabh Banerji at indiatimes.com […]