19 Oh So Smart Life Hacks

As you already know, there are a million different hacks that are available to you to make life a little easier. What hacks, tips or tricks do you use in your every day life? The ability to be able to make a chore or activity around your home easier and add some fun to it […]

10 Easy DIY Hostess Gifts

For Your Super Stylish BFF Francois et Moi / Via francoisetmoi.com She always knows about every trend way the hell before you do. Wow her with some Shibori dyed napkins and if she points out any imperfection you can just tell her it’s “avant garde like Comme des Garcons, duh.” For Your Sister, the Perpetual […]

How To Keep Air In Your Room Clean

The importance of keeping the air in your home clean cannot be overestimated. In general, clean air is essential to good health, but it is particularly important for those who suffer with asthma and allergies. In fact, it is very common to develop these conditions over time after repeated and prolonged exposure to contaminated air. Common allergens in […]