Stylish and Unique DIY Shorts for a Fashionable Summer

When the season of shorts rolls in, you know it’s time for us to feature some incredible DIY shorts that you can use as a point of reference when setting up your summer wardrobe! Shorts are a comfortable and trendy piece of clothing that is easily customizable and could certainly be classified as evergreen! Check out our amazing selection of stylish and unique DIY shorts and find your favorites!

Tribal Shorts

More and more young people are getting inspired by tribal patterns and are including them into their clothing. If you are holding onto a pair of shorts that you know isn’t your style anymore but still don’t want to throw it away, visit Prudence & Austere and learn how to upgrade it with a DIY tribal pattern!

Scarf Shorts

If you’re all out of trendy shorts but you do have a really cool scarf that you never get around to wearing, maybe you can use that gorgeous scarf to make yourself some brand new shorts! If you think that’s impossible, A Pair & A Spare has a really simple tutorial that will blow your mind!

Leopard Shorts

Animal prints are always in style! When you feel the itch to add the animal pattern to your wardrobe, start with the plain shorts that are long overdue for an upgrade! All you need is a leopard pattern stencil and a permanent marker; Because I’m Addicted shares the process!

Ombre Shorts

Ombre shorts have got to be a part of your summer wardrobe! They are the perfect piece to wear whenever the summer dress just doesn’t cut it! The ombre look gives them a stylish appeal and you’ll get to experience the summer adventure while being comfortable and fashionable! Find out more at Honestly WTF!

Bleached Shorts

The bleached shorts are always a safe pick when you’re looking for something to go with your tank top! Their neutral look makes them very adaptable so you never have to worry about being mismatched! Make your very own bleached shorts following the tutorial at Made 2 Style!

Fabric Updated Shorts

When you’re doing a lot of DIY projects you always have fabric scraps on hand! Once they pile up you start looking for ways to use them and no matter how small the piece is, there is always a use for it! BLDG 25 presents a great idea of using a simple fabric scrap to update old shorts!

Denim Cutoff

If you have a great piece of denims but you just don’t need another pair of pants, be brave and simply cut off the bottom half of them. Boom, you have just made yourself brand new, classic denim cutoffs! Visit The Zoe Report for the necessary details!

Lace-Up Shorts

Sometimes the smallest changes can make an incredible difference! Give your ordinary shorts a playful and sexy upgrade with a tiny lace-up addition that will instantly change the way they look! Check out the simple trick at Cut Out + Keep!

Sequin Shorts

There are some shorts that you wear to casual occasions and daily errands and then there are those that you put on when you want to work with extra glam and prestige! Become a fashion influencer of your circle with these fabulous DIY sequin shorts by A Pair & A Spare!

Indian Shorts

Your ordinary shorts are the perfect candidate for a creative and unique upgrade this summer! We love the look of these colorful Indian shorts that are perfect for adventuring and exploring the world! Go to Look What I Made and see the how-to!

Striped Black and White Shorts

Wearing colorful pieces comes along with some planning and coordinating, because you don’t want to seem mismatched or too extravagant. But black and white pieces are those classy stress-free pieces that easily match with every outfit and make you look elegant and hip! Find out how to make these striped shorts at  A Beautiful Mess!

Lace Shorts

If you love light bohemian pieces, you will fall in love with these lace shorts! They have such a graceful form and due to their bright white color you can experiment by styling them with a variety of different outfits! Sincerely Kinsey will show you how to make them in just a few simple steps!