How To Stop A Runny Nose Fast

Runny noses are irritating. So how to stop a running nose? This diagram shows you three crucial steps to stop a runny nose.

Runny nose could be caused by cold, allergy, etc. Not all people get a runny nose due to allergic rhinitis. In more rare cases, a running nose can be due to a brain trauma. In other cases, overuse of nasal sprays can lead to a running nose. Certain other foods (e.g., spices) and other irritants may also trigger this condition. Obviously, the triggers need to be avoided.

A runny nose and allergies can appear only when one’s body and brain O2 levels are much less than the physiological norm (40 seconds). Usually it is even less than 20 seconds for the DIY body-O2 test. Tissue hypoxia is caused by ineffective breathing (too fast and heavy breathing). This makes the immune system weak and hypersensitive. Additional causes of low body and brain O2 are chest breathing (which reduces blood oxygenation) and mouth breathing (which leads to losses of blood levels of CO2 and nitric oxide generated in sinuses).

The following video below explains How to Stop a Runny Nose in as short as 40 seconds and received positive responses from viewers. Keep reading more runny nose remedies at normal breathing here. Take care!