Stick Mini Blinds On Your Bedroom Wall

If you take your blinds off you can make a pretty cool project out of them. The project costs under $7 and took a few hours of your time.

Cut the thread out of the blinds. Wash the blinds with warm soapy water.


Stack the blinds by two (making sure the blinds curve in on each other – like an oval).


Bunch 5 pairs together to create a fan. Duct tape the fan together (the tighter the better).


Use bolt cutters to cut off the excess (below the tape).


Using a store bought mirror (I bought mine at Joanns), draw a circle template about the same size as the mirror on plywood. Use a jigsaw to cut the circle out.


Hot glue all the blind pieces to the plywood. Wait five minutes or so, and then wiggle the blind pieces. If they wiggle, go back and add more hot glue.



Glue the mirror on the front. Add wall hanging clips to the plywood and hang.


The outcome.