Simply Stunning: 15 DIY Decor Pieces You Can Make From Copper Pipes

Copper is a popular decor choice thanks to its shiny metallic surface and unique bronze color. Its noticeable and elegant appearance brings something special to any space. Copper pipes are especially praise-worthy; you can use them to make countless decor pieces for your home and instantly beautify the interior. Need ideas? We’ve complied a list of 15 DIY copper pipe decor pieces!

1. Copper Pipe Plant Stand

Plants should have a place in every home. They bring nature indoors and uplift the mood of the interior with their bright colors. Pure Sweet Joy will show you how to make a unique plant stand for your favorite potted plants using only copper pipes!

2. Copper Pipe Ladder

Blanket ladders are the hottest thing in the latest interior trends. If you want to bless your bedroom with a shiny blanket ladder, one that’s made of copper is a fitting choice! It has a polished look that instantly catches the eye. Get the tutorial at Brittany Makes!

3. Copper Pipe Tray

Somehow breakfast tastes the best when it is served in bed. Eat like royalty by making a breakfast tray to fit your lavish lifestyle, using copper pipes to bring an element of prestige and nobility into the home. You’ll find out more at The Home Depot Blog.

4. Copper Pipe Clothing Rack

Clothing racks are the best way to sort your clothes and get a clear view of the outfits you own. If you shudder at the thought of a basic clothing rack, Darleen Meier has a tutorial for a copper pipe clothing rack that will definitely become your favorite piece in your walk-in closet!

5. Copper Pipe Curtain Rod


Sometimes the smallest adjustments can change the whole interior. Swap a regular curtain rod for a copper pipe and watch in amazement how it changes the vibe of the whole room from basic to breathtaking. You can thank The Handmade Home for the idea and tutorial!

6. Copper Pipe Lamp

Desk lamps have a reputation of looking a bit dull. It’s easy to get bored of them when we see the same model and colors in every single home store. Brit + Co dared to think out of the box and came up with a brilliant idea of using copper pipes to make a unique and never-seen-before desk lamp!

7. Copper Pipe Dynamic Coffee Table


Every home needs that one piece that stands out from the rest and is crowned as the most influential piece in the whole room. This dynamic copper coffee table with an innovative geometric design is just what we have in mind! If you want to show off this piece in your very own home, The Home Depot Blog should be your next destination!

8. Copper Pipe Classic Coffee Table

Maybe you like to stick to simplicity when it comes to your home’s interior, in which case this classic coffee table might be a better choice for you than the dynamic table we mentioned above. You’ll need a wooden plank, some copper pipes and For Me, For You‘s guidance!

9. Copper Pipe Hat Rack


Hats will never go out of style! They make their comeback time and time again, proving their lasting effect on our fashion choices. Display your hat collection on a shiny copper rack that you can see at Darleen Meier!

10. Copper Pipe Magazine Rack

Are you an avid magazine reader? Don’t forget to keep all of the issues organized and stored in a magazine rack. The last thing you want is a messy living room! Pillar Box Blue shares the tutorial for a stylish magazine rack made unique by denim and copper pipes!

11. Copper Pipe Candle Stick

If basic candle holders bore you it’s time to explore other options. How about this copper pipe candle stick by Morning Creativity? Imagine how beautiful it’s going to look on a table full of homemade dishes for a special occasion or a date night!

12. Copper Pipe Paper Towel Holder

No element in your home is too small to be important. A towel holder should have just as much value as any other decor piece, so make sure it looks the part! Squrrelly Minds will explain why copper pipes are the ideal resource to make the best towel holder.

13. Copper Pipe Shelves

Copper pipe shelves combine the best of industrial and elegant decor. They have an edgy metallic look and a gallant shiny color. Check in with Hey Lila Hey if you’re eager to learn how these exceptional copper shelves are made!

14. Copper Pipe Tablet Holder

Technology has become such an important part of our lives that our phones and tablets are always near us. Owning a tablet holder is a smart decision; it will make your browsing much easier when you’re trying to multitask. Natalie Wright shares the instructions for a beautiful copper pipe tablet holder!

15. Copper Pipe Drawer Pulls

If you’re looking for a way to refresh an old furniture piece, Mountain Modern Life has a fantastic tutorial for copper pipe drawer pulls. It wouldn’t be very economical to get rid of the whole drawer, but adding glistening copper handles should do the trick!