Simple and Trendy: 13 DIY Floating Shelves

Picking out the right shelves for your home is very exciting but a tiny bit stressful! You don’t want to close up the space, you need plenty of surface and you want the shelves to look trendy. What seems like mission impossible at first glance can easily be accomplished by installing some floating shelves! They have an incredible minimalist look, offer a lot of space for storage and are one of the hottest trends in home decor! Find the inspiration in these 13 DIY floating shelves!

1. Dark Wooden Floating Shelves 

In a room with neutral walls, dark wooden floating shelves will stand out with their dim beauty and really compliment the darker interior. They look very sophisticated and will surely feel even more special knowing you made them yourself! Find the how-to at DIY Pete!

2. Bathroom Floating Shelves 

Bathrooms tend to be the smallest room of the home and can quickly get overcrowded with attempts at storage space, be it big cupboards or endless shelves. A great solution are floating shelves that leave the space open and breezy, but offer a lot of surface to place your necessities on! The tutorial by Thrifty and Chic is one for the books!

3. Faux Floating Shelves 

If you don’t mind cheating a little, Mommy Suite has a tutorial for faux floating shelves! They look just like actual floating shelves, but the trick is to style them in a way that hides the hangers! It’s a really neat trick and if time is of the essence for you, this project is a fantastic choice!

4. Long Elegant Floating Shelves 

Kitchens normally ask for a lot of storage. Between all the plates and the glasses, you need a pretty big surface. Long floating shelves are amazing for this kind of job – they look very elegant and can store everything you need and more! Make It & Love It will show you how to make them!

5. 15$ Floating Shelves 

Looking for a quick and cheap DIY home project? You’ve just found it! These tiny floating shelves will only cost you 15$ but will bring an abundance of possibilities for storage in a small space! Utilize every tiny part of your home with the help from Desert Domicile!

6. Rustic Floating Shelves 

The rustic floating shelves are one of those elements that will instantly turn a room into a farmhouse paradise! They bring a sense of homeliness and nostalgia into the space, filling it with cozy and safe energy! If you can envision this for your home, Shanty 2 Chic is the place to go!

7. Simplistic Wooden Floating Shelves 

One of the best things about floating shelves is their simplicity. They don’t need any extra decoration to be beautiful, they are stunning simply on their own, radiating minimalism and modesty. Yellow Brick Home will show you how to make these simplistic wooden floating shelves and you shouldn’t miss this opportunity!

8. Corner Floating Shelves 

Corners are often the unused space and what a shame that is! They provide a great opportunity for storage space and it’s about time you start utilizing it! Head over to 4 Men 1 Lady and learn how to make corner floating shelves that will give your corners a whole new purpose!

9. Kitchen Floating Shelves 

You can make your floating shelves rustic or modern, raw or elegant, all depending on what interior is surrounding them and what choice of wood you pick! It’s amazing when the shelves match the countertop and so create a harmonic kitchen space! On Bliss Street shares the tutorial for these rustic floating shelves!

10. Minimalist Floating Shelves 

Minimalism is all about making the best of what you’ve got and not hoarding unnecessary items into your living space. Jenna Sue has a really epic how-to for minimalist floating shelves that are ideal for big, bright and breathable rooms that need  modest shelves with character!

11. Floating Box Shelves 

Tired of the classic shelf design? Swap it for something trendier! These box shelves have an attractive country style and a dynamic design that shows your love of unique elements but also displays your admiration of tradition. Bob Vila will tell you how to make these shelves!

12. Heavy Duty Floating Shelves 

Here’s what’s really impressing about floating shelves: they can look so thin and slick while simultaneously holding loads of heavy items. They combine functionality with style and if you want to learn more about it, House Updated has a step-by-step for incredible heavy duty floating shelves!

13. White Corner Floating Shelves 

A chic white living room can truly benefit from bright white floating shelves that blend in with the walls almost to the point of being invisible! You can make the best of any corner in your home and A Beautiful Mess will show you how!