Shared Space Solution: DIY Room Dividers

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White Rolling Doors 

When it comes to items we use daily, we know they have to be convenient to use. These white rolling doors are an amazing and simple-to-use room divider that won’t disappoint. The white elegant look slightly imitates a wall, so you won’t even think of it as a movable divider! Visit In My Own Style and see how you can make it!

Geometric Room Divider 

This geometric room divider will be an incredibly striking piece in your home and is perfect for contemporary living spaces! You may feel that it’ll be a challenge to make, but let us assure you that Ohoh Blog will be there with you every step of the way!

Wooden Room Divider 

Want to keep things simple and traditional? We get it! Little Things has a great step-by-step for this wooden room divider that offers some much needed separation within a big space and has a lovely raw wooden look that won’t suffocate your living room!

Canvas Room Divider 

Call up your artist friends or dive into your own box of art supplies: it’s time to find a canvas! Fresh Crush will show you how you can turn a plain canvas into a marvelously decorated hanging room divider that will make you wonder how did you ever live without it!

Dynamic Room Divider 

If your home can pride itself on its modern decor, you’ll need something unique and interesting to separate your room into two parts! Remodelaholic has a great room divider that is a total eye-catcher due to its vibrant red color and flexible shapes! When it comes to dynamic home  decor, you just have to take the leap!

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