Shared Space Solution: DIY Room Dividers

Fact: sharing a living space with other human beings can be challenging. It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, compromises are always there to be made! Sometimes our rooms can serve multiple purposes and when that happens, we need to try our best to avoid conflict! We want some peace, privacy or a more divided space and the quickest way to achieve that is with simple room dividers! If you are yearning for some gentle separation, take a look at these DIY room dividers that will separate the living space in a chic but effective manner!

Curtain Rods

A classic trick to divide the room is hanging up a simple curtain, but with this tutorial by The Heathered Nest you can make this room division in such a way that it looks stylish and interesting! Get two curtain rods for two curtains, then place them as far or near to each other as you wish. Done!

Gray Room Divider 

A neutral room divider with a unique pattern will assure you the privacy you need within a shared living space! When you need to work at the computer and your spouse is chopping veggies at the same time, this room divider will save the marriage! Find out more about it at Deco by Mado.

Pepita Room Divider 

This room divider with a subtle pepita pattern is a life saver in households with toddlers! If you need to temporarily separate their playroom from the couch where you want to doze off for a bit, Cablearms has the tutorial for this ingenious room divider!

Hanging Room Divider 

Sometimes you don’t need that much separation, but you still love how a divider makes the room feel more organized. You can opt for a decorative hanging divider that does give a sense of separation but it has a much stronger decorative value. See how it works at Making it Lovely.

Screen Room Divider 

If you need a movable divider, because you never know where in your home you’ll need some peace and separation, a big screen divider on wheels is your destined soulmate!  It’s important to make it look really beautiful, so that no matter where in the home you place it, it will always feel like it was meant to be! Kootut Murut can help you out!