Rather than throw away old glass bottles, here are 11 ways to reuse them around the house

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Growing up, we were all taught to recycle things like paper, plastic, cardboard, and glass bottles. While this is still important to do as it helps conserve precious resources and protects our environment, there are some better ways to utilize these materials.

Here is another post that shows how you can upcycle glass bottles to create some beautiful decorations and crafts.


Glass bottle picture frame

Put a photo inside a glass bottle. This adds a vintage-look and feel to any home.


To create a glass bottle picture frame, first remove the labels from the glass bottles by using hot water and soap. Then use a flat tool to remove the label.


Next, roll up the photo you would like to use. You can add seashells and marbles to the base of the jar to create a “beachy” feel to it. Put the photo into the bottle.


Add some decorations to the glass bottle to really make it stand out from the rest of the room.


Patriotic drinking glasses

Serve your guests cold drinks on July 4th in these patriotic-themed bottles.


Create a glass vase

Follow this tutorial to create a beautiful vase for plants and flowers.


Vase with unique design

Create a stunning, but minimalistic vase. This is unique and one-of-a-kind, but it’s not too loud.


First, cut out a design from an old book or newspaper.


Then, use a flat white paint to cover the glass bottle.


Finally, glue the paper design onto the bottle, and you have yourself a unique-looking vase!


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