Quick and Easy DIY Spray-Painted Lamps

Hello friends! For a few weeks, I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of matching lamps for our master bedroom….Lamps that had pretty curves for the right price!
My goal was to get a steal of a deal…no more than $15 each. I realize that’s cheap, but I also knew that, with a little patience, I could find what I was looking for. So a few weeks ago, I found these beauties at a yard sale! The man was selling the lamps for $5 each. But since I wasn’t certain that the lamps worked, I offered $4 for the PAIR, and he said yes! Can you believe it?! I kept my fingers crossed, hoping that when I plugged them in at home, they’d actually turn on. Aaaaaand….they did! Score! Sometimes it doesn’t always work that way (regarding electronics at yard sales), but yay for times when it does!!
  • diy spray painted lamps, lighting
What you’ll need:
*Krylon Colormaster spray paint (I used the ivory color.)
*Rub’n Buff (at any craft store)
*pouncer sponge
*painter’s tape
*drop cloth
Let me make it clear that I’m in no way a professional, so I’m sure there are other ways to go about this project, but this is just what has worked for me. 🙂 I generally wing it….My philosophy is that it doesn’t matter how you go about a project, as long as the finished result meets your standards!
So first, you’ll want to move to a well-ventilated area and tape off the lamp wires – at least a little – so they don’t turn white! 🙂
  • diy spray painted lamps, lighting
Next, spray away! The lamps will dry fairly quickly to handle…maybe 5 minutes or so. Once they were dry, I brought them inside, placed them on some paper towels (in case there were any areas that weren’t quite dry yet).
The lamp color almost looks white, doesn’t it?! But it’s the perfect shade!
Third, squirt a tiny amount of the the rub’n buff onto a paper plate….A little goes a very long way! Dip your pouncer sponge into the gold paint and, using a steady hand, gently slide your pouncer along the bottom edge of the lamp.
  • diy spray painted lamps, lighting
  • diy spray painted lamps, lighting
So there you have it. A quick, 10-minute project that adds a wow factor!
To top it off, I found my lamp shades at Target on clearance for $13.97 each! Woohoo for more good deals! Plus, these shades ultimately helped me to reach my goal of spending around $15 each on the lamps!
  • diy spray painted lamps, lighting
  • diy spray painted lamps, lighting
What do you think of my garage-sale lamps? I’d say spending $4 on a little risk was totally worth it! Comment below, or stop by and say hey on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, HomeTalk and Facebook. It always makes my day to hear from my sweet readers!
Also, if you’d like to find out more about quick and easy projects and decorating on a budget, click the link below, and it’ll take you straight to my blog, The Rustic Boxwood. It’s loaded with tips and tricks to beautiful budget decorating! Have a wonderful day!

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