Put THIS in your front yard to make your neighbors smile whenever they pass you house!

Here’s how to make a sweetly whimsical fairy house planter using a terracotta pot and other inexpensive items. If you’ve been on Pinterest or thumbed through decorating magazines lately, you know fairy houses and gardens are all the rage. They add such a fun touch to the garden, and this one is really easy to make!



whimsical fairy house planter

I wanted my fairy house to be a planter, so I used a terracotta pot. I bought a bag of small stones and reindeer moss at the dollar store and a resin door from Joann Fabric.


whimsical fairy house planter

I used Gorilla glue to attach the door. I clamped it for 30 minutes for a good seal.


whimsical fairy house planter

I used (affiliate link) 527 multi-purpose glue to attach the window and stones. Prop the pot on its side, resting against a heavy object (mine was a detergent bottle). so it doesn’t roll. Only attach the stones on one side of the door at a time and let them dry, otherwise the stones will slide down the pot when you turn it to work on the other side of the door (which I found out the hard way…)!


whimsical fairy house planter

Once the stones are dry, use the glue to attach small pieces of (affiliate link) reindeer moss in the gaps between the stones. I used a toothpick to tamp the moss down into the glue.


whimsical fairy house planter

I added a Bulbine plant in the pot and set my house out in my front garden. I added a small metal chair and resin table to finish my scene. It was a simple project to do and I think it really dresses up my garden!

For more pictures of each step, see my blog post. The link is below! 🙂


Materials I used for this project:

Terracotta pot

Reindeer moss   (Dollar Tree)

Gorilla glue

527 glue

Bag of small stones   (Dollar Tree)

Resin fairy house door   (Joann Fabric)To see more: https://www.lifecreativelyorganized.com/whimsical-diy-fairy-house-planter/