They Pull Up Carpet In Rarely Used Guest Bedroom. Now, It Looks So Different

One couple recently decided to take that pesky, unused guest room and transform it into something they really wanted: a beautiful crafting room!

We all have a wish list of features for our “dream home.” Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to move into a space that actually has a fairy-tale turret, or a spectacular vintage-inspired greenhouse.

However, more often than not, checking the boxes on your wish list means doing it yourself!

Lots of impressive folks have created gorgeous furnishings and features in their quest for a perfect dream home.

This particular couple took inventory of their space, then decided that their rarely used guest bedroom could be put to better use.

They made a practical decision and totally renovated the spare room. They transformed it into a stunning crafting room instead!

The studio space turned out beautifully — we can’t wait to see what projects they create now that they have such an awesome room for bringing their ideas to life.


A crafty and clever couple recently took to Reddit to share an incredible home-renovation project.

The duo realized that their spare bedroom hardly got any use; it was really just wasted space. In the comments on the post, they estimate that it was used perhaps three times.

They thought hard about what they would like to have instead, and decided to combine their creative efforts to make a gorgeous craft room.

The photos were posted online by the husband. He explains that the grand plan for the room was all his wife, but that he helped carry out her design.

First, they pulled out all the furniture in the room and tore up the wall-to-wall carpeting across the floor.

The floors underneath were bare, but they had a plan in place to totally transform them!

Next, the couple installed narrow shiplap paneling up one wall, borrowing one of the hot home styling tricks of the moment.

Shiplap paneling, popularized on HGTV shows like Fixer Upper, is a great way to create an understated accent wall.

It also helps to create a “rustic” feel, which is perfect for a homey crafting room!


In place of the wall-to-wall carpeting from earlier, the couple covered their floor in hardwood flooring in a handsome shade of rich umber.

They also began installing built-ins perfectly suited to their crafting needs.

Here, you can see a few shelves, cabinetry, and framework waiting to be completed.

After installing the built-ins, the duo carefully placed beautiful wooden countertops.

The counters run along two walls of the room in an “L” shape.

Along the back wall (pictured above), they function like twin desks with matching stools.

With the room starting to come together, they began to assemble and organize the craft supplies that would be housed in the new crafting space.

Here, you can see their beautiful organized collection of paints. The husband explains that both he and his wife craft almost every weekend, often collaborating on their projects.

“I do a lot of woodworking that my wife then stencils and paints,” the husband wrote. “Signs, decor, personalized gifts, etc. She has a silhouette cameo and cuts stencils out of adhesive vinyl.”

In addition to the twin desk spaces, there’s also a counter for more freeform crafting space.

We imagine this could be a great spot to organize all the materials that you’re currently using.

It would also work well as a spot to set up a drafting table or a sewing station.

All said and done, the room turned out beautifully, with lots of tasteful design ideas and personal touches.

We love the idea of creating a special couple’s crafting room; it seems like a great way to enjoy a shared hobby!