Professional interior designer shares 24 clever home improvement ideas. They are fantastic!

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We have all thought about what our dream home would look like. It’s natural! After all, we spend most of our time at home, so we might as well make it as perfect as possible. Some of us would like to have two staircases in the house for easy access, to be perched on top of a hill with a great backyard view, or to have a his and her walk-in closet.

Regardless of what your dream home will look like, I guarantee you that the creative and unique home remodeling ideas below will make you reconsider. After reading through this list, I couldn’t help but add a few new ideas to my wish list.

Create a bedroom for the dog!

Save space in your home and create a bedroom under-the-stairs for the family dog.


Lower the living room

Create a unique feel to the living room by making it “sink.” It’s an elegant design that creates a space within a space.


Baseboards that vacuum!

Rather than vacuum or use a dustpan to clean up the crumbs and other scraps on the floor, this special baseboard will be a huge time-saver. Just use a broom and this will suck up all the debris!


A sink with jets in the laundry room

Tired of separating your delicates from the other clothes? Install a sink with jets in the laundry room so that you can wash your delicates while you wash the other clothes. Talk about being efficient!


Nap in the clouds

Cover the walls in your attic with cloud/sky-like wallpaper. Then put pillows all over the floor to create an awesome nap environment.


Maximize the staircase with storage space

Why should the space below the stairs go to waste? Add a pull-out storage unit underneath the stair!


Built-in bunk beds

Build the bunk beds directly into the walls for a more classy and sophisticated feel.


Accordion windows for the kitchen

Install accordion windows for easy open and close. This is perfect for the kitchen as it lets you air out any unwanted odors, and it provides a warm, cool breeze while you cook!


Create a cozy nook!

Find unused space and create a cozy, comfortable nook to take a nap or read a book.


Try a small office

If you don’t want to create a nook with unused space, try to create a small office.


Two dishwashers

Two is always (usually) better than one. In this case, two dishwashers saves you so much time. Alternate between the two so that you always have clean dishes readily available.


Comfortable shower

Create a lounge chair in the shower for a relaxing experience


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