Precious and Personal: 10 Cool DIY Locket Necklaces

A locket necklace is a very special piece of jewelry. It’s a necklace that opens up and keeps inside of it something personal; it could be a picture of a loved one, a keepsake or something else you wish to always have by your side. You can make a locket as a gift for the person you care about or for yourself, choosing from the lovely DIY locket necklaces below!


1. Tin Box Locket

A small tin box can be turned into a beautiful locket that even doubles as a music box!  It’s a very nostalgic accessory with a vintage look that gives you the option of bringing music along everywhere you go. Find out how to make it at Happy Hour Projects!

2. Lip Balm Locket

Here’s a locket for true beauty queens who know their lipstick must always be on point!   This is a really chic and discrete way to make sure you never find yourself without lipstick – all you have to do is hide it inside of a locket following Beautylish‘s instructions!

3. Steampunk Locket

For an edgy accessory with a personalized touch a steampunk locket is a fantastic choice! It’s going to draw much attention and impact your whole outfit, giving you a defining style that is softened by the insides of the locket only for your eyes to see!   Twilight Kim has the tutorial!

4. Makeup Locket

We’ve found yet another sweet locket for makeup enthusiasts! Fill it with highlighter and wear it to a party or your daily errands, always knowing you can rely on it to fix your look if need be. It can be your little secret and nobody has to know! Pastella 28 has the details.

5. Floating Memory Lockets

Floating lockets are very popular, their transparency definitely a feature not commonly found in lockets! They have a charm and allure that catches one’s eye, drawing them in to catch a glimpse of what you are hiding inside the precious necklace. Visit Eversea Design to find the tutorial!

6. Dahlia Heart Locket

If you love flowers you’ll agree that dahlias have a very mesmerizing look. Decorate your favorite locket with a little dahlia ornament and give it a unique and colorful decoration that will make it your most special accessory. See the tutorial at Craft Royal TV!

7. Valentine’s Day Locket

A locket is a beautiful and personal gift that is especially welcome on Valentine’s Day when we celebrate love itself! Surprise your soulmate with a handmade heart-shaped locket by The Shopping Mama. To make it even more special and a little cheesy, put your picture inside of it as another surprise!

8. Polymer Clay Locket

Polymer clay is one of the most versatile materials that can be turned into many beautiful creations. Whatever you dream up and want to create, chances are you can make it from polymer clay! If you are wishing for a locket (and a simple way to make it), Jen Cruz has a detailed tutorial for you!

9. Colorful Shabby Chic Locket

A shabby chic locket with an old-fashioned appeal can only benefit from vibrant colors! They make the locket look more current, blessing it with a livelier appearance that adds much value to the whole outfit whenever you choose to wear the locket. Peek at the how-to at Beadaholique!

10. Moana Locket

The Moana movie has taken a hold of our hearts and refuses to let go! Show off your love for the Disney movie and its message by making this unique and charming locket inspired by Moana’s own special necklace! You can see the whole process at Do Your Thing.