Plaid and Simple: 13 Irresistible DIY Flannel Projects

Flannel shirts seem to always be in style, no matter the season, the weather or the current fashion trends! It seems to have become one of those go-to items that are always safe to wear and are always considered trendy. If you love the plaid pattern so much you want to take it beyond the shirt, you are in the right place! Check out these 13 DIY flannel projectsthat you won’t be able to resist!

1. Flannel Hand Warmers 

Hand warmers are a necessity for anyone who lives in a place where winter likes to drop temperatures to the point of freezing! You will really appreciate these hand warmers during those cold months and thanks to Sadie Seasongoods they will get to look super stylish!

2. Flannel Pillow Cases 

Bring the charm of flannel into your bedroom and spice up the interior with a bold, red pillow case! It’s an eye-catching piece that will give your room some much needed vibrancy and colorfulness! Get your own at Mary Martha Mama!

3. Flannel Poncho 

Show people once and for all that ponchos can totally look fashionable and amazing, as long as you pick the pattern that people can relate to! Andrea’s Notebook shares a how-to for a stunning flannel poncho with a conservative and familiar look!

4. Dip Dye Flannel Shirt 

If you don’t want to repurpose your plaid shirt and would rather hold onto it a little while longer, there’s a way to update it and give it a modern spin! Take a page from Moxie‘s book and dip dye your old flannel shirt! It’s a great way to give it a stylish makeover and keep up with the latest trends without having to buy a new one!

5. Flannel Scarf 

There’s no such thing as too many scarves! We know you already have plenty, but what’s one more?! You need it for those chilly days that happen all year round! Decor and the Dog has a tutorial for a flannel infinity scarf you must add to your accessory collection, especially if you’ve always wanted a scarf with a plaid pattern!

6. Flannel Headband 

Switch up your hair accessory game and impress with a classy flannel headband! The red color instantly puts you in the center of attention, while the chic and nifty style truly add to your whole outfit! If you’re already head over heels for this headband, The Miniature Moosehas the details!