She places 2 bowling balls on a pile of bricks. What she makes? Simple and STUNNING!

Tired of replacing gazing balls but still want to add beauty to your yard? That’s where I was at. I was tired of being at the mercy of the wind or trying to place the gazing balls where the ground was the softest, but nothing worked for too long as eventually I would lose one. Then I saw this on how to make bowling balls into gazing balls/garden balls. So I had to try. I found three bowling balls on my first attempt, and decided to try three different ways to decorate them.



unbreakable gazing balls, crafts, gardening

First find something to set the bowling ball on where it doesn’t roll off. I had a pile of landscaping blocks and used it which worked great. After you have wiped down good and is dry you are ready to paint. You are going to want a metallic or mirrored finish paint to achieve the gazing ball look. Next, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you spend the extra few bucks, get a hand held spray paint gun. You just slide on to any can of spray paint. You use less paint per project, plus you get a more even and professional look. You can’t paint entire ball in one shot, so once dry turn paint and repeat until you get the look you want.
unbreakable gazing balls, crafts, gardening

Once you get the coverage and color you want, you can stop there. I decided to keep one simple and add nothing. I thought it best to keep the new “gazing ball” low to the ground since I have young grandkids running around and didn’t want them to knock off onto each other. Also wasn’t sure what to do for a stand. I decided to go with a clay pot. I came up with this idea when I was trying to figure out how to keep the bowling ball still while working on them with the other material. I made sure the pot was smaller but not too small. I just painted with the same metallic paint I used for the ball.
unbreakable gazing balls, crafts, gardening

The next one I used marbles. You can use any color you want but make sure that one side is FLAT. You will see what I am talking about, I think that Dollar Tree sells them, but you need a decent amount so I would think that Walmart has the better deal, but I didn’t take the time to look. I just grabbed a few bags of what I needed when I was at Walmart.
unbreakable gazing balls, crafts, gardening

Load your adhesive into the caulk gun and glue the marbles on to the ball. You can place where you can see the base( clay pot) or not. Up to you.
unbreakable gazing balls, crafts, gardening

My last option was to break up CDs and glue them on to the ball. I used a white glue here to give the appearance of it being grouted. Be careful breaking up the CDs as they will be razor sharp.
unbreakable gazing balls, crafts, gardening

I hope that this inspires you to come up with creative garden decor for your yard.

Materials I used for this project:

Bowling ball

Metallic and/or mirrored spray paint   (Walmart/Hobby Lobby)

Flat colored marbles   (Walmar


Blank CDs   (Walmart)

Caulk gun   (Walmart)

Lock tite/ liquid nails ( for caulk gun)   (Walmart)

Clay pots   (Lowe’s)