How to do a Japanese Gift Wrap (VIDEO)

How to do a Japanese Gift Wrap (VIDEO)

This season you will be wrapping a lot of gift and you probably already know from experience, that it is not an easy task. Beside this, it can be tiring and boring to wrap all the gifts as it can become a monotone activity after a while. There are so many different ways when it […]

Crochet Baby Bootie Free Pattern

Do you want to surprise your little one with a cute pair of crochet baby booties during holiday season? Here is an awesome Crochet Baby Bootie Free Pattern for you. Babies look absolutely adorable wearing them. I especially like the neat finish of the bottom of the booties. They are easy to make, and you can finish them up in a […]

11 Cheap And Easy DIY Gifts You Can Do

These will save your day, because they are cheap and easy to do! So go ahead and try them.  A Cupcake in a Jar A Package of Gorgeously Embellished Oreos An On-the-Go Reading Pillow Arrow Bookmark Bath Bombs in a Jar Fruity Stamped Zipper Purses Knitted Soap Socks […]

8 Mistakes People Do With Slow Cooking

The slow cooker, or crock pot, is certainly one of the most popular kitchen items.  Who doesn’t like the idea of dumping in a bunch of ingredients, turning it on and leaving it to cook?  But many cooks don’t use the crock pot correctly and the results show it.  Are you making one of these […]