How to DIY Pallet Wood Floor

How to DIY Pallet Wood Floor (VIDEO)

I am eager to change the carpet to wood floor, and the average price for a room will cost me around 3000 dollars plus labor cost. But if, i say if I am handy enough, and I have wooden pallets available for the whole floor, saving them from the dump, they will  positively save me […]

17 DIY Halloween Home decors

Get ready with these 17 DIY home decor ideas for Halloween.  Some are simple but some are pretty complicated. Get going easy. Ghostly Draperies Get step-by-step instructions. Tiny Ghost Town Ever-Watchful Owls Learn how to attach them to the banister. Create a Shadowy Scene Get more tips for recreating this look. Craft a Litter of […]

10 Halloween DIYs With Mason Jars

Mason Jars are maybe the biggest item used on DIY projects. And we could not leave them out of the DIYs for Halloween. Some of these ideas are so great, that we are going to do some ourselves. Cupcakes in a Mason Jar Halloween Cupcakes in a Jar Fizzy Pumpkin Party Drinks Get the recipe […]

12 different things you can do with balloons

There are different kind of balloons, colorful and different shapes. Some people got the talent to do bikes out of balloons, some do other things. But here are 12 different things you can do with balloons yourself at home. Revamp your vases Fill them with non-toxic paint Freeze water balloons to keep drinks cold. Hang tiny people off […]

7 jewelry you can do it yourself

If you love to wear necklaces and other jewlerys but dont want to spend money on those, here are 7 jewlrys you can do yourself The BBF Necklace for you and your friend You CAN or CAN NOT Necklace Necklace made out of credit cards The HEY necklace Letter Safetypins Get […]