How To Grow Healing Plants At Home

One stone two birds! These healing plants can not only decorate your garden, but also provide many health benefits. They are often ingredients for many home remedies. From marigolds, peppermint, garlic, to sage, you should have these plants around your house. They are quite easy to grow and care for. Continue reading all detailed instructions […]

Beer Can Chicken

Yes, this is the Beer Can Chicken recipe that you’ve heard so much about, a nice plump juicy bird perched on an open can of beer and then grilled to perfection. Also called Beer Butt Chicken this recipe first started making the rounds by word of mouth. Now there’s a whole industry dedicated to helping you make a BBQ […]

Best Taco Recipes

Tacos are a popular Mexican recipe.  Who can resist the traditional hard taco shell filled with ground beef and your favorite toppings?  It is one of my favorites. Here are a few other taco recipes that take the traditional taco to a new level.  The round up contains everything from taco chili to a recipe […]