Free Crochet Tote Bag Pattern For Beginners

Bags are a fashionable way of showing our personalities. There are many different designs and styles from different brands. But we sometimes happen to carry the same style from the same brand. Yours doesn’t have to be the same if you know how to crochet. This Free Crochet Tote Bag Pattern is beautiful and practical at the same time. This […]

Best Time To Eat A Banana?

Banana is not only a delicious fruit, it also has many health benefits due to its rich minerals and nutrients. The longer you keep bananas, they will turn from greenish to yellowish and eventually dark, as they grow ripen. As you might also have noticed, the taste of bananas changes as they ripen. They get […]

Creative Uses for Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are not quite easy to recycle as plastic bottles or cardboard boxes. Why not put those old tennis balls to good use with these creative ideas. Watch the simple video instructions how you can use tennis balls to make your life easier. You can make a doorknob cushion, car stopper, broken light bulb […]

How To Make Simnel Cake

With this recipe, you can make traditional Simnel cakes. You can make them for Easter or other occasions. This step by step guide will help you to achieve the perfect results. How To Make Simnel Cake? What you will need are 250g butter, softened 250g light soft brown sugar 4 medium eggs 250g self-raising flour […]

Easy 90 Minute Bread Recipe

How often do you make bread for breakfast and burger? Or just buy from grocery store? Todat we are going to try an easy 90 minutes recipe from Don’t Waste The Crumbs! – Man Bread. The name why it is called “Man Bread” is because it is so easy and fail proof that even a […]