DIY Plywood Plank Floors

Yes, that says Plywood Plank Floors! – Trust me, it’s easier than you may think! We did this in a bedroom! – People think they look like high-end expensive floors… However, we have discovered since then that it would be cheaper to do tongue and groove 3/4″ pine (the back side of wainscoting, which is […]

8 Best Essential Oils, What Are They Good For and How To Use Them

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years within many different cultures for a wide variety of purposes. Their benefits come from their naturally occurring antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Essential oils are extracted from various parts of plants. There are hundreds of essential oils out there that can be used for things ranging […]

The Most Used Natural Fleas Remedies For Dogs

Fleаs Battle Anyone who loves dogs puts a great deal of effort into keeping them happy and healthy. Despite all our best efforts, pests and diseases have a way of getting to them, especially fleas. Fleas are a perennial problem, especially in warm and humid climates. Even when you’re fastidious about keeping your house and surroundings clean, […]

Medicine Cabinet Makeover for Less Than $2.

  Simple makeover of the medicine cabinet for less than $2.     Inside of our medicine cabinet looked very bland. I did not want to paint it. It would have been an easier option. But then decided to go the other route. Self adhesive liner route. First cleared the cabinet and wiped it clean. […]

The Color And Texture Of Your Earwax Reveals Everything About Your Health

Like most body fluids, earwax is seldom talked about. However, the color and texture of the stuff inside our ears can tell some very interesting things about our health and how the rest of our bodies work. Other than being surprisingly interesting, earwax actually serves an important purpose for our health. According to Clear Ear, its scientific […]