The money-saving fence hack that every homeowner should know

The money-saving fence hack that every homeowner should know



  • Many areas of the country use metal fence posts in building back yard fences to provide a strong, long lasting barrier that stands up to wind and sun rot. The only problem with that solution is that they are just, plain, ugly. Here at TGG, we have a great yard and garden, but I couldn’t stand to look out of the window each day at those ugly metal fence posts! So if you have this problem, here is the DIY cure, step by step! (Did I forget to mention? It’s easy!)
  • got ugly metal fence posts easy diy cure, diy, fences, outdoor living
  • Supplies
    Wood fence boards, tall enough to cover to the top of your fence posts, and at least as wide. We used 5 ½ foot tall, six inch wide cedar fence boards.
    Screw Eyes, we used
    Flexible wire, we used 18 gauge
    Tape measure or yard stick
  • got ugly metal fence posts easy diy cure, diy, fences, outdoor living
    We are going to be creating a wire loop on the back of the wooden board, to hang over the top of the metal fence post, which will in turn cover the metal post with the wood. I suggest you read through the whole post, and check out the photos, and it will all become clear on how simple it is!
    got ugly metal fence posts easy diy cure, diy, fences, outdoor living
    Grand total for our entire fence line, $24.00!
  • got ugly metal fence posts easy diy cure, diy, fences, outdoor living


    For all the step by step and more photos…

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DIY Upgrades For Your Home That Deliver Big Value

DIY Upgrades For Your Home That Deliver Big Value

There are dozens of ways to spruce up your home without spending much money. Slap some paint on a wall. Hang a few mirrors. Rearrange every piece of furniture you have got. Resurface the cabinets. We have all seen, heard, and done these projects in our own homes. If you have done all those things and are still looking for additional ideas for your own home, check out this post. It is full of new and creative ideas to make your home look better. There is a little something for every style and budget.


For me, I love number 7. This guy improved the look of his garage door with some painter’s tape and black paint. It turned out awesome. Number 5 is a great idea for adding some closet space. She went down to the gardening store for some planter brackets and came home with something to hang her closet rod on. The look came out great and, as long as you keep it organized, there is no reason to hide all those clothes away.

See all 16 fabulous ideas here…

Diply: 16 Easy DIY Home Upgrades For Any Budget

Cute Little Finger Pin Cushion

These cute little pin cushions are incredibly handy and make perfect gifts hers day or any day!


  • Lid from plastic soda bottles.
  • Large Pom Pom (mine were at least 1 3/8 in diameter.)
  • 3/8 Elastic strip about. 3 in length.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Extras: Ribbon, Ric Rac, jewels, buttons etc.

The pom pom must be large enough to squeeze into the lid and give a nice puffy, thick surface. The 1 size is too small. The one’s shown measured about 1 3/8 which “might” be considered 1 1/2 size. (I purchased mine in a large bag of mixed sizes.) The lids come in a variety of colors or you could also spray paint them if desired.

Add hot glue to your lid.

Add your elastic.

How to make DIY outdoor succulent wall

Even if you have a mini yard, you can still make it cute by growing lovely plants. The secrete is to go vertical – the sky is your limit. An example is this cute DIY vertical succulent wall from Sugar and Cloth. Putting this vertical succulent wall in there, this 20 by 10 feet yard becomes very lively and cute. This is something to consider when you need to fill an empty space against a fence or a wall.

DIY tie dye shirt tutorial

Tie-dye can make really beautiful shirts with interesting patterns. There are two key steps in tie dye.

Folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling shirts to certain shape, and binding with string or rubber bands
Apply colorful dyes.
How you folding the shirt, combining with where to apply the dye(s) and the color of the dye(s) determines what pattern you get. Here is an example of how to make this pretty shirt with tie dye.

DIY Spiral Herb Garden Tutorial

A spiral herb garden design is not only beautiful, but also space efficient. You can grow more herbs or flowers in the same space. To build a spiral garden, you need

  • cardboard
  • long stake
  • organic matter
  • compost
  • rock minerals or organic fertilizer
  • mulch
  • herb seedings
  • pond material (optional)

Should you be interested in build one, keep reading detailed spiral herb garden design and building guide at the micro gardener here.

DIY Toy Chest Storage Tutorial

If you are looking for a DIY storage chest, you should take a look at this toy chest project. Although it is tagged as toy chest, it is a useful storage for many other items. It is not that complicate to build it if you have fair skills handing wood works. This design is pretty much a simple box. To make it, you need wood for framing, plywood, screws, power screw driver, sand paper and stain. Keep reading more detailed step by step illustration at imgur here.

Creative Gift Wrap With a Shirt

I need a gift idea for my cousin as his birthday is coming. In research on the internet, I saw this really cool gift wrapping method and thought you might need it sometime too. You basically wrap up your gift with a shirt. In addition to the gift inside, the receiver would get this shirt to dress too. Really cool and Eco-friendly idea. With some more digging, I found more detailed instructions at country living. Don’t forget to visit country living for step by step instructions and other gift wrapping ideas.

Breakfast Recipes – Heart Egg And Cheese Toast

Breakfast Recipes – Heart Egg And Cheese Toast

Are you looking for breakfast recipes or breakfast ideas to show how much you love your family? You have landed on the right place. This heart shaped baked egg and cheese toast is just the one for you. It is simple to make, but absolutely filled with love and positive energy.

What you need are

  • 2 slices of bread
  • 1 slice of cheese
  • 1 egg
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Butter if you prefer
  • Full recipe and tutorial from Foodie Baker


Watch the video tutorial for more details. Get creative! You can make any shape.

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How To Repurpose An Old Window Into A Beautiful Coffee Table

How To Repurpose An Old Window Into A Beautiful Coffee Table
  • There’s something exciting about building your own furniture and do-it-yourself projects, isn’t there? When we can take something old and turn it into something fabulous, it’s so refreshing! We found a wonderful DIY-er named Leanne Lee from Diva of DIY who has such a simple and fresh outlook on re-purposing and do-it-yourself projects.
  • In the video below she’s featured on ABC Action News demonstrating how to turn an old window pane into an awesome coffee table. While many of us might just see an old piece of junk, Leanne has a knack for seeing past that and bringing life back to items that otherwise would be headed to the trash.
  • All you need to get started is:
  • A fairly large window pane
  • Wood to create the box
  • Hinges for the top
  • 4 leg braces
  • 4 legs
  • Watch how easy it is to make this unique and fashionable coffee table…
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A wonderful resource entitled washi tape resides in the magic suitcase of every DIY enthusiast; it is simple to use, relatively inexpensive and very very versatile. It can change the aesthetic values of thousands of items in just minutes, it can customize and organize files and registers, it can personalize lampshades, create accents on a wall or simply differentiate your keys from one another through a beautiful color pattern. 25 Super Beautiful & Creative Ways to Use Washi Tape have been handpicked for the gallery below, they`re here to present the work of the renowned washi tape.

The possibilities are endless in home decor and diy projects and we invite you to cast a glance at the gallery below and see how it can beautify your life. Keep in mind that there`re hundreds if not thousands of different models, different textures, different colors, different ways to make things better, more beautiful.


You have endless possibilities to create joyful bunting out of washi tape, find more inspiration on Torie Jayne’s blog.


Use different textures and colors to frame memorable experiences captured into photographies. Simple, inexpensive, easy to realize and graphic.

via Design*Sponge.


You can differentiate your keys in an original manner through textures and colors. Smart ingenious craft to realize in minutes that will save you a whole lot of time.

via I Heart Organizing.


Use paper and washi tape to redefine inexpensive beautiful gift wrapping. You can experiment different patterns and colors on each package.

via Sarah Hearts.


Change your door in minutes with washi tape. You can plant any color, any texture .