Self-watering Bottle Garden

My latest design for using plastic bottles for indoor gardens is my Self Watering Propeller Bottle Garden! The thing I like best about this is that it dosent ever need watering so you can seed it and leave it! The method is using a Large soda bottle with 6 smaller ones cut and drilled into the sides and […]

11 DIY room dividers

Do you wanna have some privacy between the rooms but not build walls either. No look zone is enough of the privacy and comfort you are looking? Than these 11 DIY room dividers will help you get that. 1. Build a divider wall. A bit complicated, but if you’ve got the handy skills, this […]

11 DIY ways to make your stair better

1. Vintage Use paint to create a vintage vibe on wooden stairs, like this blogger did. 2. Rainbow Lighting Light outdoor steps in rainbow shades, found here. 3. Chalkboard Paint each step riser with chalkboard paint, then write whatever messages or doodles you like. Found on this blog. 4. Ombre Bannister […]

10 DIY hacks for a tiny bathroom

1. Add a frame to your basic mirror. / Via A happy bathroom combines design and functionality. Framing your mirror quickly updates the feel of your itty-bitty bathroom. Use molding and paint it whatever color you like best, or use basic trim if you’re not into the traditional look. Step-by-step instructions here. 2. […]

15 DIY ways on how to use Washi tape

1. Colorize your window blinds. 2. Make tiny flags. Wrap washi tape around a toothpick and cut triangles out to create a flag. Makes an adorable cupcake or sandwich decoration. Or use them as cocktail stirrers. 3. Transform a computer keyboard. Get the directions here. 4. Cover a boring notebook. […]