How to Build This Self-Sustaining 14×14 Solar Cabin for Under $2,000 (VIDEO)

Homesteading is a broad term that involves living a lifestyle of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. It is a way of life that is slowly becoming more favorable thanks to its frugal nature, weaning off the reliance on overpriced and overproduced supermarket goods so that you can fully sustain yourself without outside help, house payments, and spending […]

10 tiny DIY knitted things

You heart and soul sometimes all it needs is having some tiny creatures to be close and warm it up. Here are 10 microscopic, tiny DIY knitted and crocheted things that will make you smile. 1. Miniscule Snail 2. Pint-Sized Gnomes 3. Microscopic Snowmen 4. Little Penguins 5. Petite Pumpkins 6. […]

9 cool scalloped DIYs

1. Ipad case with scalloped crafted on it 2. Scalloped envelope clutch 3. Scalloped suede skirt / Via 4. Make some baby bunting 5. A layered tulle skirt 6. Scalloped lampshade 7. Wall Art 8. Collar Necklace 9. Scalloped jorts