She never tosses her banana peels. Here are 10 surprising ways she uses them in her life

The banana. One of man’s favorite fruits — delicious, ergonomic, nutritious, and fiendishly yellow. But after chowing down on the delicious, potassi-yum filled center, wait before you throw out those banana peels! Here are ten fantastic ways you can use the peels to help out around the house.


Grill meat

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From pork to beef to especially skinless chicken, the lowly banana peel can help you keep meat nice and juicy on the grill. Placing them on top of the meat before flipping will create a skin-like barrier so that the meat will retain its natural moisture.

Fix a scratched CD or DVD

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If the disc isn’t playing properly, just rub a banana peel on it! Use a gentle circular motion with the inside of the peel, wipe off the residue with a soft cloth, and then spray the disc with some glass cleaner fluid. The peel’s natural wax will fill in the scratches without harming the CD.

Stop aphids and ants from eating your plants

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These little buggers will mess up your houseplants! Get rid of them by cutting up two or three peels, digging an inch-deep hole at the base of your plants and place it there. The high potassium wards off these plant-killers.

Improve your Complexion

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Take a ripe banana peel and massage it across your face every few days. The peel’s nutrients can nourish your skin, making you look younger and healthier. Bananas are the new cucumbers!

Shine your shoes

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Banana peels are great for shining things. Rub it over a bit of leather and immediately see the difference — a nice, great-smelling sheen.

Whiten Teeth


Avoid harmful chemicals and processed ingredients by going the natural route — just rub fresh banana peel on your teeth daily! It removes stains and freshens them up.

Clean up those ink stains on your body

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If soap and water aren’t doing their job, rub the inside of a banana peel and watch the stains disappear. The banana oils will bind to the ink oils, and loosen the particles from your skin. Simply rub it off and erase your regret at keeping a leaky pen in your pocket.

Remove a splinter

699 Splinter
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Tape the inside of a banana peel onto the wound and leave it for 30 minutes. The skin will absorb the peel’s enzymes and push out the splinter for easier removal. No worries about tearing!

Soothe itches

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Rub moist peels on any bug bite, sting, or any other itch. It’s the natural solution to a natural problem! The acids and vitamins soothe the pain and itching.

Banana Peel Juice

Three words that will change your life. Just add peels to a pot of boiling water and let it sit for 10 minutes. Remove the peels, and add the resulting vitamin-rich juice to smoothies or other drinks. Make sure to wash the peels first!

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