Do You Need A Wine Rack? Do It Yourself With A Pallet

Start with a pallet.  This pallet is a heavy duty one and has two center pieces of wood.  One designed to hold a lighter amount of weight will only have one center piece.

Use a hand saw to cut off the bottom two sections of the pallet.  (If you are wondering, Har-Tru is the surface applied to clay tennis courts.)

Remove the top board.

Cut through the middle two boards and remove.

Use a jig saw to cut a decorative edge.

Sand smooth with a belt sander.

Screw the top board removed at the beginning of the process to the bottom of the rack.

Remove another board from the pallet to make a holder for the glasses.  We routed slots 3 1/4” wide for each glass.  (Not shown….Route a U shape in each slot to hold the glasses.)

All this project is made from and all the credits goes to them.