Natural DIY Skin Remedies

8. Natural foot scrub for dry heels

We’ve already talked about body scrubs that are great for your skin all over, but what about very specific problem areas that are more prone to dryness and cracking throughout the year? Our feet, for example, experience a lot of discomfort around the heel area and we’re always on the lookout for ways to discourage them from getting too bad. That’s why we use this exfoliating natural foot scrub recipe from Soap Deli News.

9. Treat oily skin

We’ve talked a lot about maintaining the moisture in your skin and remedying very dried out areas, but what if you have the opposite problem? It’s common, for example, for people to experience a very oily T-zone, or the area around your nose and forehead between your eyes. If the skin there gets too oily, it can affect your ability to wear makeup for long periods of time. That’s why DIY for Life developed this oil absorbing mask made of avocado, lemon juice, and egg whites.

10. Simple nourishing hand and body cream

Have you been browsing this list looking for something much more simple than a lot of what we’ve discussed so far? Maybe you’re quite lucky and the worst skin affliction you experience all year is some dryness around your knuckles. In that case, try this simple natural hand cream from Whole New Mom! Their tutorial shows you how to scent it perfectly with your favourite essential oils. We also love that, even though it’s great for your hands, it’s also skin friendly enough to use everywhere else on your body!

11. Moisturizing avocado face mask

This one might sound confusing, because we just talked about a recipe that uses avocados to help your skin stay dry, but did you know that if you mix those avocados with other ingredients they can also be used to give your skin moisture as well? DIY Thought reminds you just how versatile mashed avocado really can be (above and beyond being totally delicious, of course)!

12. Homemade lotion bars

Have you always kind of hated using body lotions and creams because you can’t stand the oily, moist feeling that many mixtures leave on your skin for a little while after you use them? Then perhaps you’d prefer to use a lotion bar instead! Overthrow Martha guides you through the process of creating a solid lotion that’s a lot less greasy than many other recipes you’ll find, even in the natural homemade category.

13. Aloe vera scar removal

We’ve already talked about acne scars, but what if your problem is actually a more severe scar elsewhere on your body? Then you might need a natural remedy that’s a little stronger than the one we showed you before. Contrary to popular belief, however, the best and most effective remedies aren’t always the ones with the most ingredients! Top 10 Home Remediesshows you how much of a miracle worker natural aloe vera taken straight from the plant itself can be in reducing the appearance of dark, shiny scar tissues on the surface of your skin.

14. Dull skin treatment

Did you try the previous recipes containing aspirin and decide that you were okay with the effects they had on your skin? Then here’s another one for you, because it really is one of the most effective options you’ll find! DIY for Life shows you how to mix crushed aspirin with water and apple cider vinegar to make an astringent that will help combat the dried out, dull appearance your skin might have taken on from months of harsh winter weather and dry, uncomfortable conditions. This mixture will help restore your natural glow and give you some clear, healthy colour in your cheeks that will leave you feeling renewed.

15. DIY under eye wrinkle remedy

Sometimes a person’s skin needs are less temporary “afflictions” and more simple signs of wear and tear due to natural aging. Like we said before, we think all bodies are beautiful and that applies to older bodies as well, but that doesn’t mean we discourage you from taking beauty steps that might make you feel more secure in your appearance. That’s why we used this awesome anti-wrinkle concoction around our eyes to discourage fine lines that might make us look wearing or cause our makeup to crease more quickly. Picklee shows you how to make it out of milk, almonds, and honey!

Do you know of another awesomely natural DIY skin remedy that you use all the time but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us how to make it in the comments section or link us to a recipe!