Mom’s messy front door was littered with shoes. Then she learned these 18 nifty storage hacks

If you’re a woman and/or have a family, you likely have a lot of shoes in your home. The only bad thing about that is how much space they take up or when they’re left all over the place. The good news is you don’t have to go out and buy and new piece or furniture to store them.

There are tons of DIY methods for storing your shoes. Here are our favorites!

Folder Boxes

Folder boxes are great for storing your flip flops.

Source: Woo Home

Vintage Molding

Hang your heels off of some vintage molding.


Source: Apartment Therapy

Wooden Crates

Add some wheels to the bottom of wooden crates for the perfect storage for your boots and shoes. Get the tutorial for this project here.

Source: Finding Homes Farms

File Storage Boxes

Add photos of your shoes to the outside of some file storage boxes and stack them up in your closet.

Source: Natalme

Paint Cans

Screwing paint cans into your walls is a unique way to store flats and flip flops.

Source: Crafty Nester

Tension Rods

Places some tension rods in your closet for an instant shoe rack.

Source: Ariel Veneral

Use Hangers

You can hang your boots with some clipped hangers.

Source: Woo Home

PVC Pipes

Chop up some PVC pipes and glue them together to create this awesome shoe rack. Get the tutorial here.


Source: Cookie Loves Milk

Shower Curtain Clips

You can hang your lighter shoes or baby shoes with shower curtain clips.

Source: Project Nursery

Industrial Shoe Rack

Make this all by yourself with some wood and pipes. Learn how here.


Source: Home-Dzine

Towel Rod

Hang your heels from a towel rod.

Source: HGTV

Wire Hanger

Wire hangers work very well for hanging your flip flops.

Source: Epbot


A ladder makes a cute accent piece that doubles as a shoe rack.

Source: Epbot

Peg Board

Learn how to make this peg board here.


Source: Saw Dust Girl

Under the Bed

You can put out of season shoes under your bed.

Source: Architecture Art Designs


An ottoman is another good place for your out of season shoes.


Source: Amazon

Wine Crates

Source: White House Black Shutters

Modify some wine crates to stow away your shoes