Mom sits inside old TV cabinet. Now watch her transform it into a stunning kid’s play kitchen

We’re always looking for great new hobbies to introduce to our kinds from a young age. It’s a great way to keep them busy while doing your part of stimulating their minds. And what better way to spend time with your kids than cooking with them!

It’s the perfect blend of art and science that even ends with a meal. The only problem is that our kitchen can be a dangerous place for younger children. There are all sorts of knives and hot surfaces, plus it’s just so easy to make a mess. But this one mother came up with a wonderful solution! That is, to make your own “play kitchen,” even if you’re not the craftiest person! All you need is an old television cabinet and some creativity.

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One area comes with a safe stovetop– what a great way to incorporate safety! All you need is some vinyl tiling, old CDs, and a metal bowl.

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For the sink, cut out a circle in one of the television cabinet boards, just large enough to place the bowl in without it falling through.

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Source: Youtube Screenshot

Voila! The final product looks stunning and your kids will have a blast.

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The complete set comes with a safe stovetop and sink area, along with a draped window for a realistic touch.

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There are also storage spaces in the cabinet shelves. You can keep all there favorite foods around, plus some healthy snacks of course.

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Finally, the toy kitchen set comes with a small refrigerator and microwave, and even a paper towel rack with cleaning supplies– you know, for those occasional messes.

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