This Mom Created A Mini Play Kitchen Made Of Cardboard Boxes For Her Toddler.

Is no wonder that parents are always willing to go an extra mile only to see their children happy, for parents only one smile of their children is worth more than anything.
We surely do know that in order to make your kids  super happy you need to buy a new toy for them.

There is one stand-out toy that will surely keep your children entertained for hours and hours until they get exhausted and need sleep, this particular toy has been around for a while now, this magical toy we are talking about is a kitchen play-set. You know little plastic stove, little plastic oven, a few plastic foods, basically nothing that works and is solely made for playing with it.
But why should you go out and spend money on this kitchen play-set as we know it’s not the cheapest thing out there, it is pretty expensive to be honest! Don’t worry  the best alternative is to build one by yourself, we know it looks like something hard to achieve but one Great mother did it by only using cardboard and a little bit of creativity!

This mother used a few cardboard boxes that she had laying around the house (most of us have a ton of cardboard boxes simply laying somewhere in the house), and with those cardboard boxes she managed to construct a full replica of a kitchen play-set and it looks rather convincing!

Amazing isn’t it?  Needless to say, younger children don’t really know the difference between a real kitchen play-set and a fake one, they will still be super entertained and we guarantee that they will love it.

Let’s take a look at the gallery of the cardboard kitchen and the so far unnamed woman’s daughter having a field day in it.


1#Someone is preparing something delicious, i’d love to sample some of this toddler’s cooking.

2# Here is what a “Working” Kitchen looks like, with a new “working” stove,  also new ”working” dishwasher and super “working” fridge.

3# After the successful construction of this kitchen, this bright coat of paint was added to make it look fancy.


4# This is how the finished kitchen looks like! There is so much attention to detail here, it looks simply stunning  and to be honest i wouldn’t mind if my kitchen was decorated in this way either.

5# There is even a beautiful laptop in there, because your precious child should read those complicated  “Recipe Books” somewhere, otherwise the dinner won’t be tasting that magical.

6# A shiny small sink completed with all of the cooking tools, again the level of detail that was put into this kitchen is amazing.

7# A detailed microwave with the refrigerator below and some other miniature cooking pots, without forgetting that beautiful stove either.

8# Toddler in action already, i think it’s safe to say that the “Chef’s” name is Audrey, judging of course by the sign on the front of the counter.

9# From someone seemingly random cardboard boxes to an amazingly detailed kitchen play-set that will keep your child entertained for hours!

Hopefully this has inspired all of other parents that came this far, and you’ve already put to work those unused cardboard boxes,  have fun crafting and making your children happy.

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