Mom buys dishwashing soap but doesn’t use it for dishes. Here are 12 clever ways she uses it

Dishwashing soap is a necessity for any kitchen, but it’s far more useful than we think. Sure, the name implies that it’s only meant for dishwashing, but in reality, it has many other very practical uses.


Wash Stains

Dishwashing soap can fight stubborn stains on clothes that refuse to come off. Rub dishwashing soap on the stained area, and then do your laundry as usual.


Tie-Dye Art

Kids will love this art project. Put milk and a few drops of food coloring on a paper plate. Then, dip a cotton swab in dishwashing soap. Next, dip the swab in the center of the plate and just watch what happens. It’s really cool!


Ice Pack

Pour dishwashing soap in a Ziploc bag to make a reusable ice pack. The soap will stay cold for longer periods of time than water will.


Remove Oil Stains

Have motor oil stains on your driveway? Mix dishwashing soap with hot water in a bucket. Then, pour the mixture on the area with oil. Scrub with a brush or broom and then rinse it off.


Science Experiment

Conduct a cool science experiment with your kids by using dishwashing soap. Learn more here.


Have Pesky Pests?

Do you have fleas or other pests around the house? Mix a tablespoon of dishwashing soap with water in a spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture in areas where you have pests lurking. It will kill them.

Dishwashing soap can also be used to get rid of ants. Rub soap along edges of doors or windows where insects are often found.