Mom buys conditioner but doesn’t use it just for hair. Here are 13 unexpected uses

Between hotel samples and products that you just don’t like, you likely have an extra bottle of conditioner lying around. Good news is that there are uses for those extra conditioner bottles that don’t involve your hair.

Here are 13 household uses for conditioner.

Shaving Cream

If you’re out of shaving cream you can always use conditioner to keep your legs smooth and safe from nicks.

Source: Macgyverisms

Put An End to Squeaks

Conditioner works just as well as WD-40 to put an end to squeaky hinges.

Source: Pinterest

Remove a Bandage

Conditioner will help you remove your bandages without and pain. Just rub the edges of your bandage with a generous amount of conditioner.

Source: eHow

DIY Dry Clean Your Delicates

Fill a sink with room temperature water and add a tablespoon of conditioner. Submerge your delicates for a few minutes, rinse, and hang to dry.

Source: Awesome Jelly

Remove Your Stuck Ring

Rub some conditioner at the base of your finger below the ring and at the top of your ring. Try to get some underneath it and turn the ring around in circles and upward to get it off.

Source: Titanium Style

Shine Stainless Steel

Put a little bit of conditioner on a cloth to shine up your stainless steel appliances.

Source: Consumer Reports

Moisturize Your Bath

Taking a bath can sometimes leave your skin feeling a bit dry. Drop some conditioner into your bathwater, about the size of a quarter, to help your skin retain moisture.

Source: Awesome Jelly

Unclog a Drain

Pouring a little conditioner down your drain and dousing it with hot water can sometimes loosen and remove the clog.

Source: The Crazy Coupon Lady

Prevent Rust

Rubbing a thin layer of conditioner on your household tools, faucets, or anything that is prone to rust can keep them from getting rusty.

Source: Life Hacker

Unshrink Clothing

This doesn’t work all of the time, but it’s definitely worth a try. Dissolve a tablespoon of conditioner in warm water and submerge your shrunken item into the water so it’s fully soaked and softened. Try to gently stretch the item back to its original size.

Source: Life Hacker

DIY Dryer Sheet

Dampen a washcloth with some conditioner and toss it into the dryer with your laundry to soften your clothing.

Source: The Homemade Experiment

Fabric Freshener Spray

Keep your clothes smelling great after you’ve worn them by making a DIY fabric freshener spray with one part conditioner to nine parts of water.

Source: Awesome Jelly

Cuticle Cream

Source: About Style

Rub some conditioner on your cuticles to soften them before you cut or push them back.

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