Mom buys chalkboard paint but uses it creatively. Here are 17 nifty ideas

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Chalkboard paint is incredible useful around the home. Whether you need help labeling items or scribbling a message, it’s always useful to have a message board handy. Here are a few creative ways to use chalkboard paint to help you around the home.

Label Treats For Guests

If you have guests over, use chalkboard paint to label your appetizers. This will let your guests know what they’re eating in a eye-catching manner.


Organized Dresser

Keep your dresser nice and organized by using chalkboard paint to label where things go. This also helps you find your clothes quicker.


Baking Instructions

You can remind yourself of baking instructions with chalkboard paint. You’ll never mess up another recipe again!


Coffee Table Fun

Add chalkboard paint to a coffee table for fun the entire family can participate in. Both kids and adults can have fun drawing and creating stories in an engaging family activity. Learn more by clicking here.


Update Kitchen

Update your kitchen by creating your own design or adding a message board.


Message Banner

Create a unique message banner for a special occasion. This is perfect for surprise parties. Learn how to do this here.


Mark Your Fridge

Leave messages and notes on the fridge by covering it with chalkboard paint. You can keep tabs on what items you need from the grocery store as well as when things are expiring.

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Kitchen Appliances

Chalkboard paint can be applied to kitchen appliances to give them a fresh new look.

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