Mix warm water and glitter in a bottle – create a calming glitter bottle for children

Back to school schedule got you and the kids going crazy? Here’s a crafty way to shake things up… and calm things down. These calming bottles are super-fast and easy to make – with supplies you probably already have around the house. Make them in any size bottle, from big to small. Great for the car, classroom, bedside, desk, or make a pint-sized on-the-go bottle for your purse.

We loved customizing each one with special color-themed contents for each of the kids. Go with blue, silver and white sparkles with snowflakes for a Frozen themed bottle, or maybe try the colors of your kid’s favorite superhero.

The finished result is fantastic…just shake it up, set it down, and watch the light dance as the sparkles slowly settle toward the bottom.


Materials Needed:

For the frozen bottle:

  • 850 ml bottle (we used empty Voss water bottles)
  • 600 ml warm water
  • 200 ml glitter glue

30 ml liquid hand soap

  • Added snowflakes, sequins, fine glitter
  • Snowflake stickers to decorate lid (optional) For the star gazing bottle

For the star-gazing bottle:

  • 850 ml bottle
  • 600 ml warm water
  • 200 ml glitter glue
  • 30 ml liquid hand soap
  • Added star and moon sequins, fine glitter


diy_calming_glitter_bottles_2Gather all needed materials for the chosen bottle.

diy_calming_glitter_bottles_3Pour warm water (ensure it is warm water!) into your bottle.

diy_calming_glitter_bottles_4diy_calming_glitter_bottles_5diy_calming_glitter_bottles_6Pour glitter of choice into the bottle.

diy_calming_glitter_bottles_7diy_calming_glitter_bottles_8Add snowflakes and sequins.

diy_calming_glitter_bottles_9diy_calming_glitter_bottles_10Add glue. We eye-balled the amount needed based on the size of the bottle. If you want the glitter to move more slowly, add more glue, if you want it to move faster, add less glue and more water.

diy_calming_glitter_bottles_11Add soap until the bottle is full.

diy_calming_glitter_bottles_12diy_calming_glitter_bottles_13Glue the lid to seal bottle. Optionally, wait a couple of days to see how fast/slow the glitter is falling. You can feel free to adjust and add more water/glue before gluing the lid.

diy_calming_glitter_bottles_14Decorate the lid with stickers if desired.

diy_calming_glitter_bottles_15Enjoy your calming bottle!