You might want to grab some old pallets when you see this man’s brilliant kitchen cabinet idea

Pallet wood is one of the easiest materials to find when working on reclaimed wood projects. It is already cut into easily manageable pieces, and sometimes you can just use the whole pallet to construct your project. Pallet wood does have some problems though.

Like a lot of pallet wood, this budding woodworker had several problems with reclaimed wood being too warped or bent to easily work with. He had to take extra precautions when constructing the sides, using clamps where they would not normally be needed to keep the wood straight. He was also forced to get creative when it came to making the doors since the wood was too bent to easily lay flush against the frame. Once you see the finished project, you will never believe this kitchen unit was made by someone who has only a few easy DIY projects under their belt. It’s elegant, sleek, and a beautiful addition to any home.You will mostly certainly want one in your own kitchen. A big congrats should go to timmm3000 for making such an awesome project with so little experience.

The wood used in this project was mostly pallet wood. You can also seen the beginnings of the counter top in the middle there.

He cut and build each side from the pallet wood. He sanded the sides before assembling the counter because he thought it would be easier than sanding the whole thing once finished.

When it came time to screw the supports in, he used clamps to keep everything straight. The clamps were only a must because of the warped state of the wood.

After all the sanding and gluing was done, he then had to fit the sides to the top. Here is the first side being fitted. The counter is supported on the other side by the workbench.

After he assured himself everything would be straight, he attached the sides to the counter top. He also attached some wheels for mobility

Since he wanted to install cabinets in the bottom, he needed to add cross-supports. As you can see, the ones he chose are very sturdy.

After the support was in place, he could install the cabinet bottoms, using MDF. He also used more pallet wood to install a middle shelf.

Then, he installed the doors. Since the pallet wood was bent, he make over-sized doors and shaved down the wood to fit the space

Once he got the doors fitted, he had to take them off again to spray paint the frame. This picture was taken after the first coat of spray paint.

Then, he had to varnish the wood. Both the counter top and the middle shelf were varnished.

Once the paint and varnish dried, he could put the counter unit back together. Here is the beautiful finished project serving it’s purpose in his friend’s kitchen.

You’d never believe that beautiful kitchen piece was made from old pallets, or that it was made by someone with just a few easy wood-working projects under his belt, would you? The number of things pallets can make in the right hands is astounding. And the best part is, you don’t need to be a master woodworker to create beautiful things.

As this beginning wood-worker shows, the problems with pallets being warped or bent can be overcome with a little patience, caution, and ingenuity. So, don’t be afraid to try making that pallet project you always wanted to just because your pallets are a little warped. There are ways around that, as you have seen, and your project can turn out just a beautiful as his did. Finally, don’t keep this information to yourself. Please share this project on Facebook, and let others see that even beginners can make awesome things with pallet wood.