Marvelous DIY Coat Racks for an Organized Entryway

Within every neat and organized home, each and every item has its designated place. Coats and jackets can quickly pile up, so they must have a nice area in your entryway where they can wait and not look messy while you’re not wearing them. In order to achieve this level of organization, you urgently need a coat rack! We are here with some amazing tutorials for DIY coat racks that will help your entryway look as organized as a fashionable coat collection!

Rustic Coat Rack 

For a lovely countryside house, a rustic coat rack is the perfect addition! It makes the space feel homey and cozy, always providing you with hooks to hang on your coats, jackets and grocery bags! Life is made easier with this coat rack by Maison de Pax!

Budget Friendly Coat Rack 

A classic coat rack that stands the test of time and only for 30$?! Yes please! Get the instructions for this beauty at Shanty 2 Chic and never worry about a messy entryway again! We are in awe of its traditional look and it’s very practical if you don’t want to sacrifice any wall space!

Foyer Coat Racks 

Maybe you have a big family or just an abundance of coats – either way, you will need a a coat rack that can accommodate a nice selection of coats and still keep things well organized! The Boxy Colonial‘s double coat rack  feels like the greatest idea!

Industrial Coat Rack 

Industrial interior elements are so special and can easily integrate into your home without much struggle! A simple pipe can be used for hanging all of your coats, filling the space with an industrial look and an orderly vibe! Don’t miss the instructions at Beneath my Heart!

Wooden Dowel Coat Rack 

Emily Henderson presents an unconventional coat rack that will surely find its rightful place in your modern home! It’s dynamic, unique and a total conversation piece as it immediately catches one’s eye! Anyone that steps into your home will be incredibly impressed!

Pallet Coat Rack 

Pallets are always there to lend a helping hand. They are not only incredibly useful but also easy to work with and very versatile. You won’t need too much woodworking knowledge to make this pallet coat rack and you can count on Hometalk to be with you throughout the process!

Wooden Shelf Coat Rack 

Make the best of your coat rack by giving it an extra purpose! It can easily act as an entryway shelf, holding not only your coats, but also personal items that you feel sentimental about! Two Purple Couches scores points for utilizing a small space in the best way possible!

Simplistic Coat Rack 

If simplicity is your way of life, Cherished Bliss‘ coat rack will fit right into your living space! It doesn’t have to be too fancy or too big in order to look like a stunning decor element. Its main attribute is the functionality, but the wooden look mixed with industrial hooks has a strong decorative component!

Wooden White Coat Rack 

Are you interested in making a coat rack that radiates elegance? The secret lies in white wood and tutorial by Craftaholics Anonymous! This coat rack looks delicate and graceful, suitable for any home that wants to pride itself with simplistic decor!

Farmhouse Coat Rack 

This farmhouse coat rack brings the countryside right into your home, even if you live smack in the middle of the city! Its shabby chic look against your trendy coats will quickly turn your entryway into a nifty display of warm clothing! Spy the details at Liz Marie!

Shutter Coat Rack 

Here’s another shabby and rustic coat rack that is also a great decor element! It is made from an old window shutter and since upcycling has never disappointed us before, we encourage you to give it a chance! Visit The Charlotte Cottage to see how it all came together!

Animal Coat Rack 

For kids and animal lovers, this sweet animal kingdom coat rack is irresistible! Not only does it look adorable and cheeky, it might also motivate your kids to hang up their coats themselves! If this is something your home could benefit from, Martha Stewart brings you the how-to!