Man and wife learn they’ll be grandparents. Wife leaves room – camera records man’s true colors

Having a baby can be one of the most exciting pieces of news a family can get.

Though raising a child comes with plenty of work, there are few feelings as enriching and exciting as finding out there there will be a new life coming into the world. Although this excitement comes with some worries and preparations for the parents, anyone preparing to be a grandparent is generally just purely excited.

The family in this video shows just how true that statement is.

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The story began when Justin Hall and his wife Sarah found out they were pregnant.

Justin wanted to break the news to his in-laws but wasn’t sure how. After some time, he and his wife decided to keep the pregnancy quiet for a few months before staging a scene by planting a secret camera in the grandparents-to-be’s bedroom. They also built a baby wall in the room with a sign that said “Baby Hall” and a delivery date, along with some hanging baby clothes.

With the trap set, Justin and his wife watched and waited.

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After some time, Justin’s mother and father-in-law come in the bedroom.

Though Justin’s mother-in-law is on the phone, she is immediately caught by the decorations on the wall. After a moment, she hangs up. “What is this?” she yells out. “Sarah, are you pregnant?” After Sarah confirms, her mother loses her mind. “I’m about to pee my pants!”

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Still, Sarah’s dad is slower to react to the news.

Once mom leaves the room, dad is left pacing and trying to figure out what’s going on. “You’re kidding me,” he says—that is, until Sarah confirms that the news is true. With that, he spins around and crouches down.

After that, dad is literally jumping for joy!

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As it turns out, there’s nothing like a new baby to make us all act like kids again.

Although the story was originally posted back in 2013, it has gained new viral traction recently with stories on ABC 7 and other major news networks. Among the genre of baby reveals, this one gets high marks from us—especially because of Sarah’s dad’s excited jumping celebration. Above all, this story reminds us just how important family is and how exciting new babies can be.

Congratulations to the entire Hall family on the new baby!

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