Man buys a school bus, transforms the interior into a comfortable, full-time home

Jade, a man from British Columbia, started a successful company in the Vancouver area. He had everything he wanted, but eventually, he realized he wasn’t living the life that would make him happy. He had a love for the outdoors and simplicity, so he decided to make the two a central part of his lifestyle.

Jade purchased an old school bus and transformed it into a full-time tiny home. On the outside, he made it far more visually appealing than your typical yellow school bus. But it’s the inside that’s truly stunning.

In the video below, Jade takes you on a tour through his home. He converted the interior into a comfortable, cozy home. The décor has a rustic and modern feel to it. The walls are made of wood, and he’s use wood countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen. Jade has even modified the bus to use a diesel engine that runs on vegetable oil!

This new lifestyle allows Jade the flexibility to travel and commune with nature when he likes to. Other times, he can stop, work, and make money. It’s a win-win!

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