How To Make Storage Boxes Out Of Recycled Newspaper

Storage boxes are very useful to organize stuff around the house. I feel I can never have enough storage boxes. Today we will show you a cool way to make storage boxes: by recycling newspapers and magazines. Who doesn’t have piles of newspapers and magazines at home? Now we are going to turn them into nice storage boxes. Isn’t it cool?

Storage Boxes Made Out Of Recycled Newspaper

The technique we will use is called woven paper craft. It is an easy and fun craft to do. Plus! It is green for the environment. What you will need are

  • Old newspapers and magazines
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Wire
  • Cloth pins
  • Step by step instructions

Storage Boxes Made Out Of Recycled Newspaper 1

More newspaper storage basket instructions

How to make Simple Newspaper Basket step by step DIY tutorial instructions thumb

Here is a video tutorial.