How To Make DIY Heart Pendant

Alright, this is a perfect project for the kids or grand kids to enjoy, or for you if you’re feeling crafty :) Using hot glue and a few other household tools, you’re able to craft the cutest DIY heart pendant that’s both simple and stylish. What you need for this project are:


Hot Glue



Heart template

Jump ring

Diamond stickers

This DIY heart pendant project takes less than 30 minutes to complete, and the end result is so wonderful! From the shape, to the color, to the accessories placed on top of the glue, this craft allows you to really get creative.

Note that you don’t really need a template for the heart — you can draw your own to fill in with glue for a more personalized touch. It doesn’t even have to be symmetrical! And, you can choose whatever color for the paper of your heart. Watch the video tutorial and share with us what you make.