How To Make 5 Emergency Candles

How To Make 5 Emergency Candles

Here are 5 really brilliant DIY hacks to make emergency candles in fractions of a minute so that your family can resume a candle-light dinner peacefully all over again. All the five ideas presented in this video make use of products that are naturally present in all households. All you need is to be fast.

1. The first emergency candle is made out of wax that is coated over cheese and some newspaper, easily available objects.

2. The second candle uses butter, any sort of daily use butter piece and a screwdriver to make a hole in the piece of butter.

3. The next one is made from a simple can of tuna oil and again a screwdriver to make a hole into it.

4. The fourth uses a wax coloring crayon, found in the pencil box of every school going kid.

5. The last one uses an orange, a knife and a little cooking oil.

Luckily and amazingly, all the above candles are even cheaper than the commercial candles available at the market.
So, go ahead and be ready for all power cuts.