It looks like an ordinary pool, but when Dad adds more water, it becomes a magical oasis

So many people dream of having their own pool in their backyard. It’s almost a sign that you’ve made it, and after a long day, you have a refuge you can escape to.

A lot of us can’t really afford the luxury of our own private pool though, and there are all sorts of drawbacks that get in the way of that dream.

One reddit user however, VonBubenberg, shared a story of how his dad was able to make his dream a reality, all on his own. And yes, I mean he built his own backyard pool that looks more like a magical oasis.

He also managed to build the pool without having to worry about astronomical costs, awkward landscaping, and chemicals used for filtering and cleaning the water.

The pool is actually all natural and eco-friendly!

Continue below to check out how this crafty dad managed to make his dream pool a reality.

Source: VonBubenberg

Initially, the backyard was mostly empty and didn’t have much in it. So first, they decided to draw out where the pool would actually go.

The black rectangle indicates where the deep end of the pool end is and curvy white outline is the edge of the shallow waters.

Source: VonBubenberg

Then they had to excavate the pool area in the backyard. Time to bring out the power machinery!

Once they started digging out the backyard, they were able to set up the filtration systems’ channels and piping.

pool-2-850x554Source: VonBubenberg

After digging out the pool area, they lined it with felt and then threw a pond liner over top of the felt so that the water wouldn’t seep into the ground. The materials used for this step were ordered from Germany.

Source: Von Bubenberg

The next part was a challenge, as they had to start filling the pool with stones and gravel, and introduce a beautiful stone floor– which required a lot of heavy lifting!

“We were five men and worked around eight hours to build the walls of the pond,” VonBubenberg says. “We were tired to death by sunset.”

Source: Von Bubenberg

After setting up the walls and the floor, they started filling in the pool. To make things a bit more unique, they decided to fill water over top of the rectangular pool to create a beautiful and natural seeming shallow pond for people to dip their feet.

Source: Von Bubenberg

The project took over a year long to complete, and even begun to freeze over in the winter time! The family had to place construction on hold for this reason.

It looks like their cat doesn’t mind wading around the frozen pool though!

Source: Von Bubenberg

The craftiness didn’t stop at the pool design, even the filtration system uses some ingenuity. Von Bubenberg’s dad decided to forego a traditional filtration system and instead decided to use these bins in his garage.

To filter the water, it passes through various layers of material such as gravel and foam, and is then pumped towards the pond. The water is also treated with UV light and an natural compound that slows bacteria and algae growth.

Source: Von Bubenberg

After setting up the pool, the family moved towards building a beautiful wooden deck so they could sit poolside. The backyard is almost complete now, as you can see things are beginning to take shape!

Source: Von Bubenberg

And here’s the finished pool with the wraparound deck. What an amazing do-it-yourself transformation!

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