I do almost every single one of these, especially #8. And while I’m happy to embrace getting older, I definitely don’t want to help speed things along.

Getting older can be a wonderful thing. You gain wisdom and you have a better idea of what you want out of your own life. The not-so-wonderful part? Your age and all of that “wisdom” can start to show on your face as wrinkles or spots. While this is a completely natural part of life, and a type […]

19 Things You’re Doing Wrong

As you make your way through an average day, you spend time eating, cleaning and working to accomplish all of the various tasks that are required for that day. There are many things that you are actually doing wrong and you do not even realize it. Doing these small things wrong add a little time […]

8 Vital Body Parts You Know Nothing About

The human body is a whole universe with its own laws and mysteries, many of which we have yet to unravel. That’s why we at Bright Side decided to tell you about 8 vital parts of our body to which we often pay no attention. The anatomic snuffbox © depositphotos If you stretch your thumb a bit, you’ll see a small triangular pit at its base. This is what medics call an anatomic snuffbox: […]